As our lives become more stressful, we find ourselves working longer hours feeling tired, and sometimes totally uninterested in the world around us. We try to escape to a place where no one will find us.

Our home automation products will take you to that special place. A world where everything is in your control and everything reacts and interacts exactly the way you want it. With solutions to meet your individual needs, budget and lifestyle let us open the door to that special place.


No mater what you choose, wireless controls, touch screens or programmable remotes we will ensure that the necessary equipment is installed to give you the control you want. Whether it be entertaining guests, accessing movies, playing your favourite track or simply laying down relaxing in your favourite chair. WE will ensure you have ease of use to make the most of your special moments. Providing access to your home theatre, automation system, lighting or special features can be provided in many different ways, we will ensure that you have total control. Our home automation solutions will include providing control of audio and video components, setting the lighting conditions, revealing your drop down screen, closing the blinds and much, much more.

Multi-room controllers allow you to control the audio and video sources throughout your home, once again giving you control to what you want, where you want it and when you want it.

Total control, this gives you access to just about any device in your home, including the lighting, appliances, security, video monitoring, audio and video, communication to your home via the internet or cell phone, creating a network of your home that you can control from a single interface.


Our entertainment distribution amplifiers provide the very best in performance.  Power, quality and intelligence allows each zone to be managed independently allowing members of the family to enjoy what they want from the music collection. The ability to set bass, treble and additional functions ensure that you get the best clarity from the system, and this clarity is carried through to multiple locations within your home.

Digital music servers allow you to store and manage your music for fast and easy access to all your favourite titles. Capacity up to 360,000 songs (MP3).

Digital video servers allow you to store and manage your movies for fast and easy access to all your favourite titles. Capacity up to 1,600 movies.

With a complete range of speakers, including floor standing, bookshelf, subwoofers and architectural speakers, backed by reliable amplifiers we can provide a home theatre listening environment that adds that extra special excitement into your home.

With THX Certified speakers you are guaranteed the very best in surround sound audio performance.


Custom installations allow us to design and create a system that is tailored to your exact requirement. Whether it be the most basic to the most advanced requirements let our team of experts provide the most suited, pain free installations. We will assist in the planning, designing, installation, and training. Giving you a handover with the confidence you need to get the most out of your system.