Controlled Clarity opened its doors in 2006. Paul Davies, the owner, previously worked in the UK for Race Communications in Ascot. He worked on some very large projects for some important people and celebrities where he gained huge experience which he brought with him to South Africa. He also passed a nine month course on SMATV, this has given him the City and Guilds qualification which is equivalent to N6 here is South Africa.


Controlled Clarity’s services include;

SMATV, IPTV for the mines, hotels and hospitals, MUD (Multi Unit Dwellings) installations for the gated communities as well as SUD (Single Unit Dwellings or residential) installations.

We are qualified and we specialise in fibre optics, FTTH (Fibre To The Home)

For the MUDs we prefer to use the FTTH option as this allows all four polarities into each houes and is future proof. We also allow spare fibres for the date service providers to use. This means that the service providers cannot bind the complex into an agreement as the infrastructure will belong to the complex.